Almasdar Online wrote about Yemen Amrican Radio

Almasdar Online - Naif Al - Qudasi16 April 2019

The Yemeni community in the United States launched this week an Arabic radio station in the city of Oakland, California, on the West American coast. The Yemen Radio Radio is the first Yemeni radio station in the Diaspora to preserve national identity, values ​​and community participation. The executive director of the radio, Houria al-Re'ini, said in an interview with "Al-Masdar Online" that the idea of ​​the radio came from three partners, the business man Mustafa Al-Shuja and Fawaz Al-Riyashi. For his part, businessman Mustafa Al-Shuja said at the opening ceremony last Sunday that the idea of ​​the radio came years ago, stressing its importance to the Yemeni expatriate in America, And will be a voice for the Yemeni community in the United States. The radio will broadcast a variety of programs, including cultural, awareness, religious and moral programs, through innovative means to serve the media objective. "Saber and Hajar", which simulates the famous Sana'a radio program "Massad and Masa'da", contributes to the resolution of community issues and restores the memories of the Yemeni expatriate in the country of alienation. The Yemeni investor and businessman, Fawaz al-Riyashi said that the radio is not a profitable project, expressing his hope to keep up with the leading media in the audiovisual field and contribute to enhancing the communication between the community and the delivery of its messages and discussing its issues. He added that this is the beginning and we aspire to this radio to evolve in the future to become a satellite channel. In the city of Okla The Yemeni community in America is one of the oldest communities. According to some sources, the Yemenis began to migrate to it since 1869, and it is one of the most active communities around the world, despite the many difficulties it faces, especially in recent times. President Trump entered the White House in early 2017.